Prosecutors Charge Man For West Seattle Burglary Spree

Remember that string of burglaries at a West Seattle senior housing complex we told you about last month?

Well, now prosecutors have charged 41-year-old John Novotny for the break-ins at the Arrowhead Gardens complex, as well as several other burglaries and car thefts in West Seattle.

Police records allege Novotny rented a storage unit at the Arrowhead Gardens complex back in January. Over the next three months, police say Novotny broke into dozens of storage units in the building, stealing Christmas ornaments, clothing and furniture.

Police also believe Novotny burglarized several West Seattle homes, which were up for sale. Records say Novotny  stole art from the homes, and stole one man’s car, which which was later recovered near Novotny’s home.


Court records say police served a search warrant at another of Novotny’s storage units in West Seattle, and found stereo equipment, clothing and other items taken in burglaries at the Arrowhead complex.

When police arrested Novotny, he was wearing a watch taken in one of the burglaries.

Novotny is being held without bail at the King County Jail.