Man Robbed On Trail Near International District

Pop quiz, hotshot.

Taking walks by yourself on isolated trails under the freeway in the middle of the night:

A) Good idea?

B) Bad idea?

Just after midnight on April 23rd, a man was out walking his dog on a trail under I-5 near 6th Ave S and S Washington when he heard what sounded like someone racking the slide of a handgun behind him.

A man standing behind the victim told him not to move, and asked the victim what he had in his pockets.

The victim told the man he only had $25, and the suspect told him to drop the money on the ground and leave.

The victim dropped the cash and ran back to his apartment, where he called 911.

The victim later told police he had his back to the suspect during the robbery, and never got a look at him. Naturally, officers weren’t able to identify a suspect near the scene.

(As sad as it may be, the answer is B.)