Mugger Robs Man For the Second Time

A man told police he was pistol-whipped by a mugger he’d chased off and “beat up” when he tried to rob the victim in Belltown two months ago.

In the most recent robbery, the victim was walking west on Wall Street near 4th Ave around 4:30 p.m. on April 27th, when a man jumped out in front of him and shouted “what’s up now?”

The suspect then pulled a .38 revolver out of his waistband and flashed it at the victim.

The victim told the man “Don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me,” and handed over all the change he had in his pockets.

The suspect then pistol-whipped the victim, cutting the man’s lips and chipping his two front teeth.

The victim fell to the ground, and the suspect kicked him in the ribs and stomach three or four times.

The suspect then fled.

When the victim reported the incident to police, he said he recognized the man because he had unsuccessfully tried to rob the victim in Belltown two months earlier.

In that incident, the victim was walking through Belltown around midnight when the suspect approached him and pulled out a knife. The victim told police he was able to disarm the suspect and “beat him up.”

The victim told police he believes he was targeted by the suspect in this latest incident after the suspect spotted him on the street and decided to “get back at him”

The victim told police he doesn’t know the suspect, who he described as an “addict,” who was “swarthy and seemed out of it.”

The report for this latest robbery says the man waited a day to contact police about the incident. When police asked the man why he’d waited to call them, he said it was because “he was out of it.”