The Morning Blotter: Driver Pulls Knife In Interbay Road Rage Incident

A driver followed, threatened, and pulled a knife on another motorist and his passenger in a road rage incident in Interbay last week, according to police.

At about 8:00 am on April 28th, the two victims were driving northbound on 15th Ave W between Howe and Newton St when an “aggressive driver” began following them.

The “aggressive driver” followed the victims all the way to their workplace, so they circled around the business six times and drove through an alleyway in an attempt to lose the suspect.

When the victims pulled back out onto 15th Ave W and stopped at a stoplight, the suspect pulled up next to them, rolled down his car window, and brandished a 4 or 5-inch knife.

The suspect then opened his car door, put one foot on the ground, and yelled “I bet you’re scared now, bitch,” before he got back in his car and drove off.

The victim told police the suspect is a balding 30-40 year old man, who drove a 2002-2003 champagne-colored 4 door Lexus, which was missing its Lexus hood ornament.

The report says the victims provided police with a possible license plate number for the vehicle, and it appears officers may have identified a suspect. The report doesn’t indicate whether police have contacted the man about the incident.