The Morning Blotter: Muggers Slice Open Man’s Pants In Belltown Robbery

A group of four robbers knocked a man to the ground and slashed at him during an incident in Belltown earlier this week.

The man told police he was walking home from a bar around 1:45 am on May 2nd, when a group of men approached him from behind and shoved him to the ground at 2nd and Vine.

The victim then heard a man say “get his stuff,” and felt someone rifling through his pockets.

The victim rolled onto his side and saw four men in their 20s standing around him.

One of the suspects had a knife in his hand, which he used to slash at the victim, ripping his pants from his pocket to his knee.

The suspects then snatched the man’s cellphone out of his pocket and fled.

The victim—who sustained cuts on his face and nose during the attack, according to a police report—told officers he believed the suspects hadn’t intended to stab him, and had only cut his pants open so they could steal his phone.

According to the report for the incident, police also received a report of a similar robbery about 20 minutes earlier that night at 3rd and Vine.

In that case, a suspect or suspects also knocked the victim to the ground and stole his wallet.

The report says a suspect was arrested in the earlier robbery, but it’s not clear whether the two incidents are actually related. We’ll follow up with police and see if we can find out more.