The Morning Blotter: Tool Salesman Robbed At Knifepoint In SoDo

A man selling tools out of his truck in SoDo was robbed at knifepoint earlier this week.

According to a police report, the victim was “trying to sell various hand tools” out of the back of his pickup truck at Airport Way S and S Atlantic St around 9:00 am on May 3rd.

The man told police he saw several people going in and out of “The Jungle”—a wooded area on the northwest side of Beacon Hill dotted with homeless encampments or, as police put it,  “drug users and homeless individuals”—shortly before a male suspect walked up to him and said “Hey…what’s up…what do you have?” and put a knife against the victim’s stomach.

The suspect then told the victim “give me everything you have.”

As the suspect held the victim at knifepoint, a woman came up, grabbed the victim’s cellphone and wallet, while a second male suspect grabbed the victim’s toolbox out of his truck.

All three suspects fled the scene.

The victim ran across the street to the King County Sheriff’s Transit Police office (?!?!?!) on Airport Way S and called 911.

The report doesn’t say whether the suspects fled into the Jungle, or how the suspects were able to pull a robbery off right in front of the KC transit cop office.