Troubled Belltown Bar Might Not Get New Liquor License

A Belltown bar will not regain a liquor license if a decision by the State Liquor Control Board director stands.

The V-Bar Noodle Bar and Lounge has been the subject of police attention during multiple late-night incidents.

On Sept. 9, police said V-Bar staff failed to call 911 when medical assistance was needed, delaying a medical response. In October, former V-Bar owner Trinh Cam Le was charged with false reporting and obstructing police. She received deferments after pleading guilty to both charges.

In March, police said Le tried to stop a fight by firing a 9mm hadngun in the air. Le was arrested, and the Liquor Control Board issued a verbal warning after a complaint. But Le was not charged in the case.

In January, a settlement was finalized between the V-Bar and the Liquor Control Board that would allow the reinstatement of its liquor license if additional security provisions and other conditions were met.