Everspring Inn The Latest Aurora Motel To Win the Nuisance Property Lottery?

We’re hearing that SPD is preparing to go after another Aurora Ave motel, using its new-ish “Chronic Nuisance Property” ordinance to force the owners to clean up their business or shut it down.

Photo by Matt Mason

We’re told the department is preparing a letter to send to the owners of the Everspring Inn at 82nd and Aurora Ave N—which is currently in the process of being sold—labeling the business as a “nuisance property,” citing frequent police calls motel.

Police haven’t provided details of any specific incidents which prompted the nuisance letter, but last month police discovered a prolific bike thief was a frequent guest at the motel, where officers found a number of stolen bikes.

Last year, a man collapsed and died after he fought with officers at the Everspring. Police say the man had attempted to rape a woman in second-floor a room at the motel.

One department source attributed recent problems at the Everspring to “people from [recently closed] motels on Aurora,” who have moved in to the Everspring.

Earlier this year, the department successfully shut down several other Aurora Ave motels using the Nuisance Property Ordinance.

The police department and city attorney’s office declined to comment on any pending nuisance property letters.