The Morning Blotter: More Details On Queen Anne Home Invasion

It appears that two men who robbed a 74-year-old woman in a home invasion on Queen Anne last week may have hit the wrong house.

Just before 9:00 am on May 4th, two armed men burst through the back door of a home on 10th Ave W and W Fulton St.

When the 74-year-old victim spotted the men in her kitchen, one man pulled a gun and told her to tell them where her safe was.

The woman said she didn’t have one, and told the suspects they “must have the wrong house.”

As the suspects searched the house, they told the victim “they were sorry, but times are tough” and promised they wouldn’t hurt her if she didn’t give them any trouble, a police report says.

The men were carrying plastic zip ties, but did not tie the woman up during the robbery.

Police say the suspects rummaged through the woman’s home for about a half-hour. At one point during the robbery, the victim’s phone rang, and one of the suspects ripped the phone line out of the wall.

The suspects eventually fled the home with jewelry, money and two “family guns,” the report says.

The woman went a neighbor’s house and called police. The victim told detectives the suspects might have fled the scene in a white pickup truck.

We’ll keep tabs on this case and update as it develops. It’s still early in the investigation, but police sources tell us it appears the suspects did indeed target the wrong home.

In the past, we’ve repeatedly heard from cops that 95-percent of home invasions are drug related. The other five percent are suspects targeting the wrong house, and the very rare legit, planned home invasion.