Chief Diaz Won’t Fire Officer In Stomping Incident

Police department sources are telling us that Chief Diaz will not fire Officer Shandy Cobane for an April 2010 incident in which Cobane was caught on tape threatening to “beat the fucking Mexican piss” out of a Latino man in South Lake Union.

We’ve heard Cobane will receive a 30 day suspension, rather than face termination.

It’s unclear whether Diaz would’ve been able to succesfully fire Cobane, as the department has previously had trouble firing officers accused of misconduct.

The decision appears to be in keeping with another recent suspension at SPD over language use. Sources tell us several east precinct officers were suspended for 20 days earlier this year after one officer threatened to “skullfuck” a suspect in custody.

We’ll have more on that case soon.

SPD is holding a press conference at 3:00 p.m. where they’ll announce the chief’s decision on Cobane. More info soon.

Update @ 3:15 – Chief Diaz just confirmed in his press conference that he will suspend Cobane for 30 days without pay, and will be transferred out of the gang unit. Cobane will also be required to participate in additional training, and volunteer work, and will be sent back to patrol.

“I really want him to spend a lot of time in the community,” Diaz said at a the press conference. “I want him facing up to the community.”

Cobane will also appear in a department training video about “lessons learned from this incident,” Diaz said.

It appears the chief didn’t believe he could successfully fire Cobane from the department.