The Morning Blotter: Man Attacked With Grease Outside Greenlake PCC

A fight in the parking lot next to the Greenlake PCC left one man covered in grease after a war of words escalated into a messy melee.

Around 5:30 p.m. on May 12th, two men got into an argument in the parking lot of the PCC at 75th and Aurora after one man accused the other of hitting his vehicle.

The victim walked away from the suspect and into a nearby store.

While the victim was inside the store, the enraged suspect went over to a dumpster behind a bar and pulled out a metal pot of grease, and walked over to the victim’s car.

The victim saw the man with the grease and walked back out to confront him

Instead of dumping the grease on the victim’s car, the suspect threw the metal pot at the victim, hitting him in the shin and covering him in grease.

The suspect then picked up the pot and swung it at the victim, hitting him in the leg.

The suspect then drove away from the scene.

Several witnesses provided police with the suspect’s license plate number, and an employee from the bar told police the suspect had been in the bar shortly before the altercation, and gave officers the suspect’s name from a credit card statement.

Police contacted the man at his home, where he told officers “he had lost his cool” and admitted to assaulting and greasing the victim.

The suspect said the victim had called him an asshole and had hit his car. Police arrested the man and booked him into the King County Jail for assault.

The victim told police the suspect ruined $400 worth of his clothing in the grease attack.