Police Impersonator Suspected In Second Carjacking Attempt Near Seattle U

Police believe the man who impersonated a police officer and stole Mercedes near Seattle University Monday evening may have been involved in another carjacking attempt near the school earlier this week.

A woman walked into the East Precinct yesterday and told police that she’d had an encounter with a man on Monday, who’d told her he was an undercover cop and had tried to take her car.

At about 5:30 p.m.–a few hours before the other incident we reported yesterday–the woman pulled up in front of her friend’s apartment building on 12th and Barclay, and parked her.

As the woman was getting out of her car–which she’d parked facing the wrong way on the street–a man approached her and asked for her ID.

The woman asked the man if he was a cop, and–just as in the other case–he told her he was an undercover officer, and was in the neighborhood to make a narcotics raid on two guys in an apartment building.”

The man then told her she had taken the spot he was going to use to park his van, pointed to a black van on the street, and said she had “spoiled the operation.”

The woman told the suspect she knew the residents in the apartment building and didn’t believe they were involved in drugs. She then asked the man to show her his badge, but he refused and flashed a gun in his waistband.

The suspect asked for her keys, but the woman told the suspect she would move her car herself.

The suspect then told her “Do I look like someone who would steal your car? My car is much better than yours.”

According to a police report, after the woman moved her car, the man approached her again and started to flirt with her. He told her “she was cute and would like to get together with her.”

As the suspect was hitting on the woman, her friend came out of their apartment building, and the man took off on foot.

We’re working to get more info on this case. If you’ve had a run-in with this police impersonator, you should go ahead and call the real police.