Crimestoppers Board Quits En Masse, SPD Investigating

This story’s still kind of nebulous and inside baseball-y, but maybe some of you out there in comment land have some insight on what’s going on at Crimestoppers.


A disagreement over financial record keeping led to the resignations of the majority of the governing board of Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound last month and has prompted a review by the Seattle Police Department’s internal investigations office.

An external audit of Crime Stoppers finances already had been planned before 10 of 16 board members resigned en masse in April. This week, an independent accountant determined that all money was accounted for at the nonprofit that aids law enforcement in tracking down criminals, according to the organization’s interim board president.

Though the books may be in order, there appears to be no healing the bitter, messy rift that led to the board resignations. An accountant and three police coordinators also quit.

While concerns over bookkeeping practices sparked the board fissure, the heart of the conflict appears to be a leadership clash between Myrle Carner, a retired Seattle cop who founded Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound in 1988 and serves as the organization’s executive director, and Cynthia Tobias, the board’s former president.


Thanks to Archie for sending this along.