Resident Holds Suspect at Gunpoint after Rash of Burglaries in Capitol Hill Neighborhood

A suspect wearing black and caught snooping around behind homes in a Capitol Hill neighborhood recently plagued by a series of nighttime burglaries was taken into custody early Wednesday morning after being held at gunpoint by a neighbor who called police while training his pistol on the 30-year-old man. Here’s the story from our partners at

We’re still trying to confirm details of the arrest with SPD but we have heard directly from the neighbor who held the prowler at gunpoint. The neighbor tells CHS he heard suspicious noises behind his 16th Ave E home around 12:30 AM Wednesday:

“I went out to see what was making some noises then this guy comes walking out if the shadows.  I don’t usually have my gun on me but with all these happenings as of late I grabbed it.  The guy was trying to get at something in his bag and I almost shot him.  Was on the phone with the police at the time.”

The neighbor tells CHS the suspect was dressed entirely in black and was carrying a backpack. SPD arrived and took the suspect into custody.