The Morning Blotter: Woman Tries To Sell iPad On Craigslist, Gets Robbed

A woman had her iPad taken at gunpoint by a man at a South Seattle gas station earlier this week in yet another Craigslist sale gone bad.

The woman parked her car in the lot of a gas station near Martin Luther King Jr Way S and S Holly around 4:30 p.m. on May 14th, and waited for a man who’d apparently contacted her through Craigslist about her about buying her iPad, which the woman had listed for $600.

While the woman was parked in the lot, a man walked up to her car and tried to get into the passenger seat.

The woman’s car doors were locked and wouldn’t let him in, so the man walked around to the driver’s side, and talked to the woman through her half-open window.

The man told her he was going to get the money for the iPad, and walked off.

He disappeared for a few minutes, and returned to the woman’s car, where he pulled a silver-colored handgun out of his jacket and told her to hand over the iPad.

The man grabbed the woman’s iPad and took off running towards S Warsaw St.

The woman followed the man on foot, but stopped chasing him after he turned and pointed his gun at her.

Pro tip: If you’re buying or selling something on Craigslist that’s worth anything, meet the other party in front of a police precinct. It might save you from having to go through something like this.