SPD Has Identified Cop Impersonator

SPD sources tell us detectives believe they have identified the man who posed as an undercover cop during two carjacking attempts near Seattle University earlier this week.

Not a cop

On Monday, the man—identified by two law enforcement sources as Michael J Beach—confronted a man and a woman in two separate incidents, implied he was an undercover cop conducting a drug raid, and tried to steal the victims’ cars.

Police say Beach successfully made off with one man’s 1992 Mercedes

Beach later drove the Mercedes to his girlfriend’s house in Ballard, where he washed the car before taking off again in the stolen vehicle.

Police showed up at the home, but Beach had already gone, police sources say.

Beach has a long rap sheet—primarily in Benton County—including six felony convictions for theft and burglary, as well as convictions for escape and obstruction.

He’s currently on Department of Corrections supervision.