The Morning Blotter: Imaginary Crime

One man’s powerful imagination may or may not have led to an attempted burglary in South Seattle last week.

Just before 1:00am on May 13th, police responded to a home in the 9600 block of 54th Ave S after a man reported that two burglars had tried to break into his home

The man told officers he was sitting by his front door, working on his computer when he heard a loud bang at his front door, and realized someone was trying to kick it in.

The man started yelling and went to his front door, where he saw two men running up his driveway.

Officers searched the area and stopped two men near the scene, who apparently matched the victim’s description of the suspects (which aren’t detailed in the report).

The victim couldn’t confirm whether they were the same men who had tried to break into his home, but police ended up arresting one of the men on a warrant. The released the other man from the scene.

According to a police report, the victim told officers “that the entire incident was strange. [He] stated that while at his computer, he was thinking/imagining that someone was going to kick his door in. Moments later he heard the kick on his door.”