Capitol Hill Movie Theater Evacuated During Screening

The Harvard Exit movie theater on Capitol Hill was evacuated last night after a suspicious man ran into the theater during a screening of a film about eco-terrorism.

From our news partners at Capitol Hill Seattle:

Patrons were asked to leave the Harvard Exit 10 minutes into a Wednesday night Seattle International Film Festival screening of a documentary about the eco-terrorist Earth Liberation Front movement. A person with knowledge of the situation said that the move was prompted by suspicious behavior exhibited by a man who darted into the theater and quickly fled. We have not confirmed details of the situation with theater management, SIFF reps or Seattle Police who were called to the scene.

This morning, SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson told us Harvard Exit staff were concerned about a man who came into the theater and left suddenly. The man stormed out, refused a reentry ticket, and wouldn’t make eye contact with employees.

Staff were concerned the man might have left something in the building, so they evacuated the theater and later searched it with police. They didn’t find anything.