The Morning Blotter: Egg-Driving “Methheads” Shoot Up Man’s Car In Wallingford

Two “methheads” driving an egg-like car shot up another man’s vehicle in Wallingford last week, according to a police report.

The victim exited I-5 at 45th NE and was driving westbound around 10:15 p.m. on May 23rd when another car pulled up next to him, and the passenger in the other vehicle threw something at his car

The victim initially thought the passenger had thrown a rock at his car, and called 911.

It appears the man did not speak with officers immediately after the incident, but found that his car door had been damaged and took his vehicle to be repaired.

The man’s mechanic told him the damage was likely from a gunshot, so the victim called police again, four days after the original incident.

“I saw the damage, and there is no doubt that it was done by a bullet, and not a BB gun or rock,” Officer Robert Burk wrote in his report, noting that the metal in the man’s car door was “severely deformed from the bullet strike.”

The victim told police the suspects—who he described as “methheads”—were driving a white vehicle that looked “like an egg.”

The victim told police he saw the suspects laughing at him as they drove away.

The man told officers he provided a 911 operator with the suspects’ license plate number during his initial call, but the report indicates police are having trouble locating a record of the incident.