The Morning Blotter: Man Carjacked At Knifepoint Downtown

Police are investigating a man’s claim that he was carjacked at knifepoint near Pioneer Square last weekend.

The man told officers two men approached him around 4:15 am on May 29th, threatened him with a large knife and said they would kill him if he didn’t hand over his cellphone, cash, and car keys.

The suspects then took the man’s car and drove off.

A police report says the victim was intoxicated when he contacted police, and could not give officers much detail about where robbery took place or give a description of the suspects.

It’s not entirely clear where the carjacking took place, but the report says the victim contacted police near Western and Madison.

At the scene, police spoke with a security guard who apparently corroborated part of the man’s story.

The guard said victim approached him after the carjacking and was explaining what had happened when the suspects drove past them and shouted threats at the man.

Police weren’t immediately able to locate the victim’s car, and gave the man a ride home.