The Morning Blotter: Man Jumps Out Second-Story Window To Escape Home Invasion

A man jumped from a second story window to escape a group of armed men during a home invasion at a North Seattle apartment last week.

Police received a report of a home invasion robbery on 140th and Palatine just before 12:30 am on June 2nd.

Officers contacted a man at the home, who said three armed suspects had burst into his house, stolen $1,000 and a cell phone, and fled.

The man gave police a description and possible name of one of the suspects, and explained to officers that he’d escaped by jumping out a second story window. He apparently sustained only minor scrapes.

The man and and his roommates all provided police with similar accounts of the robbery, but the apparent target of the robbery “was very uncooperative and appeared to be holding back information,” a police report says.

The man apparently became defensive when police asked him whether the home invasion might have been drug related.

The report says officers left the apartment for a short time to talk to their sergeant,  and when they returned, the man had apparently left the home.

It appears police have inactivated the case.