The Morning Blotter: Sledgehammer Beats Ferrari, Gun Beats Sledgehammer

Never bring a sledgehammer to a gunfight.

One man learned this lesson the hard way last week during a road rage dispute with another man in a Ferrari in downtown Seattle.

Around 5:00 pm on June 2nd, the victim was driving south at 5th and Virginia when he saw a blue sports car—likely a Ferrari, according to a police report—trying to make an illegal left turn.

When the man gestured to the driver not to make the turn, the other driver pulled up next to him “began acting aggressively,” got out of his car, and approached the victim’s vehicle.

The victim thought the other driver was going to attack him, so he pulled out a sledgehammer he had stashed in his car, and showed it to the other man.

In response, the other driver pulled out a silver pistol and pointed it at the victim, who drove off and called police.

It appears the victim was able to provide police with the other driver’s license plate number, which police traced to a dark blue Ferrari.

The report for the incident does mention whether police contacted the suspect.