The Morning Blotter: Man Carjacked At Gunpoint In Eastlake

Police are investigating whether a burglary suspect carjacked a man at gunpoint while fleeing the scene of a break-in near Eastlake early Saturday morning.

The victim in the carjacking pulled his Toyota Corolla out of a parking garage on Franklin Ave E and E Galer at about 6:15 am on June 11th, when he saw the suspect trying to get inside of a white truck parked on the street.

As the victim was driving past the suspect, the man stepped in front of his vehicle and pointed what appeared to be a sawed-off shotgun wrapped in a red vinyl bag at the victim.

The man then told the victim “get out of the car, keep the car running or I will shoot you.”

The victim got out of his car, and the suspect drove off in it, taking the victim’s wallet and credit cards—which were in the vehicle—with him.

According to a report for the incident, police believe the suspect in the robbery matches the description of man who may have burglarized a business just a few blocks away, at near Fairview and E Garfield St, earlier that morning.