The Scales Of Justice

King County Sheriff’s Office Spokesman John Urquhart writes the best goddamned press releases.

As was said in the movie: “I’ve had it with these m*ing snakes on this m*ing airplane!

Well Samuel L. Jackson can add the Courthouse to his list…snake-wise that is.

Last Friday a man dutifully put his backpack through the x-ray machine at the 3rd Avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse, 3rd & James.   That happens all day long.

But this time, the Screener noticed a snake.  A live snake.  In the backpack.

The Screener told a uniformed Court Marshal who asked the man if he had “a pet” in his backpack.  The man said he did, and he was told “Sorry no pets in the Courthouse”.  (We are paraphrasing here.  The Marshal may have been a bit more forceful, not unlike Mr. Jackson!)

In any case, the man (and his snake) left in a huff.  The Courthouse rats breathed a sigh of relief…as did many of us “snake-haters” as well!

(And no, we are not making any of this up!)