Police Surround Fremont Home After Report Of Shots Fired (Updated)

Seattle police have surrounded a home in Fremont near 41st and 3rd and shut down traffic on surrounding streets after receiving a report of gunfire in the neighborhood.

According to witnesses, a man came out of his home, stood on his balcony, and fired three shots from a handgun before going back inside.

Police surrounded the home, which apparently has security cameras mounted around its exterior.

SWAT units are on scene.

More as we get it.

UPDATE: Police say the man was taken into custody around 10:30 p.m.

Here’s their summary of the incident:

On June 18th, at approximately 7:30 PM, 911 received several reports of a man in the 300 Block of NW 41st Street who came out of his house and fired several shots from a gun into the ground and air.  The man then went back into his house. There are no reported injuries or property damage at this time.  Officers responded to the location and attempted to make contact with the individual.  The man appears to be the only one inside the house at this point.  SWAT officers and negotiators have responded to the scene and are attempting to resolve this situation.  Several of the surrounding streets are closed while this incident is happening, but officers are rerouting traffic around the scene. This is preliminary information and is subject to change.  More information will be posted when this situation is concluded.