The Morning Blotter: Woman Pistol-Whipped During Crown Hill Purse Snatching

An armed man pistol-whipped a woman in a late-night purse snatching near Greenwood last weekend.

A police report says the victim was walking home from NW 85th around 12:45 AM, when she saw a man standing on the corner of 6th Ave NW.

The man walked towards her and told the woman “give me the purse” before he grabbed the woman’s bag.

The woman refused to let go of her purse, and told the man to leave her alone

The suspect then pulled the gun out from behind his back and held it at his side.

He then struck the woman on the left wrist with the gun, took the purse and ran southbound. The man then got into a vehicle—which the woman couldn’t identify—and drove off. The woman walked until she found a phone, and called 911.

The report says the woman’s wrist was starting to swell when officers arrived to meet her. Police took the report and gave the woman a ride home.