The Weekend Blotter


Vandals Damage Capitol Hill Shops

On 6/26/11, at approximately 12:15 a.m.,  an officer reported that several hundred people were in the street at Broadway and E. Pike and that several acts of property damage had occurred.

The known property damage for this incident included the front plate glass window of the a luxury car dealership, the front plate glass window of Clothing Apparel Store (Broadway and E. John), and damage to two patrol vehicles (shattered windows and dents).

The Scene Commander responded to Broadway and gave instructions to the crowd, via PA of a patrol vehicle ,to get back on the sidewalk and they did not comply.

At Broadway and E. John, two individuals picked up a large street closed barricade that was on the sidewalk (used earlier for festival) and threw it into the roadway, one of the two suspects was arrested.

The Scene Commander gave repeated orders for the crowd to “get back”. More officers responded and moved the crowd to the sidewalk. Officers then began walking through the crowd and the crowd moved N/B and broke off into smaller groups.

When additional officers arrived on scene the crowd dissipated. Officers patrolled the Broadway, Pike and Pine area for several hours after the incident. An officer received a minor injury to his shoulder.

The 25-year-old suspect was booked into King County Jail for Pedestrian Interference.

Officer Injured In Crash

On 6/25/11, at approximately 12:30 a.m., an officer was working as a DUI emphasis car.  Multiple fast back up calls and a city wide task force activation was being broadcast over SPD radio for civil disorder in the East Precinct. The officer was responding to assist on a fast back up he was involved in a single vehicle collision.

The officer was at the intersection of 4th Av and University when he had to take swerved to avoid hitting a taxicab.  The officer then collided with a light pole, sustaining serious injuries.

He was transported to Harborview Medical Center via Seattle Fire Dept Medic one. The officer was admitted.  Traffic Collision Investigators responded and processed he scene. The investigation is on-going.

As of 6:00 a.m., this morning the officer was reported to be in stable condition.

Witnesses Chase Down Robber In Ballard

On 6/26/11, at approximately 9:30 a.m.,  an adult female victim was retrieving cash from a bank at an ATM near 21 NW and NW 56. There were customers in line behind the victim.

An adult male suspect (28 years old) approached the victim while she was  at the ATM and ordered her to “Give me the f—ing money!”. The suspect was wearing a wool hat with eye holes cut out (a makeshift ski mask).   The suspect grabbed the victim’s cash and took off running.

Several citizens gave chase, including an employee of the Prosecutor’s office. The suspect threw the money down in an effort to get the citizens to stop chasing him. The citizens caught the suspect but he managed to get away. He then ran back and picked up the money and ran off again.

The citizens ran after him and the chase was on once again. The citizens caught the suspect and held him down for officers. Officers quickly arrived in the area and the suspect was arrested without further incident.

One citizen suffered pain to his leg, another had a $200 pair of eyeglasses broken and a third lost their sunglasses.

At the precinct, the suspect told the screening Sergeant that he was a former registered nurse gone bad. He man was booked for Investigation of Robbery.

Cops Arrest Man At Doughnut Shop

On 6-25-11, at approximately 9:17 p.m., in the 1900 block of 1st Ave the suspect assaulted the victim, handcuffed him and took his phone. The suspect then fled. The victim was able to get out of the handcuffs and call 911 from a borrowed phone.

During an area search, officers located the suspect at a local donut shop.  He had removed his jacket and borrowed another coat. The 28-year-old suspect was positively identified by the 18-year-old victim.

The suspect was booked into KingCounty Jail for Investigation of Robbery.