More Than You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About One Seattle Cop’s Dong

“There’s as much penis inside the body as outside,” Dr. Schrader told me. “When you sit on a regular bike saddle, you’re sitting on your penis.”

The New York Times just interviewed Seattle bike cop Robert Brown about his role in a national study examining the relationship between bicycle seats and erectile dysfunction. 

But then, after trying the new saddle, he felt the difference. His weight rested on his pelvic bones instead of the crotch area, which formerly pressed against the saddle’s nose. During his sleep, when he wore a monitor, the measure known as “percent of time erect” increased to 28 percent from 18 percent.

Only problem: The younger guys on the force aren’t interested in a “noseless” saddle:

“The subject matter always draws juvenile chuckles,” he writes. “They don’t even listen long to understand what part of a man’s anatomy is being protected here.”

The more you know!