The Morning Blotter: Pot Provider Robbed, Suspect Leaves Counterfeit Cash At Scene

Police recovered more than $900 worth of counterfeit cash while investigating a medical marijuana robbery in South Seattle last week.

A medical marijuana provider called police around 5:45 p.m. on June 24th, and said he’d just been ripped off during a sale.

The victim told officers he is “involved in dispensing medical Marijuana to unprivileged patients,” and buys weed from dispensaries so he can give “portions of that marijuana to people who can’t afford it,” apparently for a smaller fee.

The victim apparently advertises his business, and was contacted by a man who wanted to buy four ounces of medical pot for $700.

The victim then agreed to meet with the man in a parking lot on Rainier Ave S and S Charlestown last Friday.

The victim was sitting in his car in the parking lot when the suspect walked up to his passenger-side window, showed an apparently valid medical marijuana card, and pulled out a wad of cash.

When the victim pulled out his wallet, the suspect tried to grab it, but the victim was able to hold on.

The suspect then noticed the bag of marijuana sitting in the victim’s car and grabbed it, dropping his wad of bills in the front seat.

The victim chased after the suspect on foot, but the suspect hopped into a tan or gold Cadillac and fled the scene.


The victim called 911 and turned the wad of cash over to police.

According to a police report for the incident, the suspect had wrapped one real $20 bill around $920  counterfeit photocopied bills.

The victim provided police with a possible license plate number for the suspect’s vehicle.