Neighbor Claims Harassment By Members of Anarchist Collective

A neighbor of the “radical free space” Autonomia—popular amongst young anarchists in the Central District—claims she and her husband are being harassed by a group of anarchists.

According to SPD, the woman called police on June 27th after she “became aware of a posting” on, referencing “the half-million dollar house across the street [from Autonomia] is trying to close us down.” The woman told police the posting was made by someone who “frequents” Autonomia.

The woman and her family live near Autonomia—on 24th Ave S and S Lane—and have been active in a dispute between neighbors and the anarchist venue.

Last week, the city’s Department of Planning and Development ordered Autonomia to cease holding events, like “anti-police arrestee” benefit dinners, concerts, and movie nights by July 22nd, after neighbors complained the venue was being used as a “nightclub,” which has resulted in noise, fights, and litter to the neighborhood.

When the woman spoke with officers Monday evening, she told them “she is fearful someone will read the posting and attempt retaliation towards her or her house.”

The woman’s husband also told police a person associated with Autonomia told him he “should have fear because of the type of house [they] live in” and said he had been “restraining [himself] from doing certain things.”

According to police records, the city attorney’s office is planning to meet with neighbors about their issues with Autonomia.

Police have advised the woman and her family to avoid contacting anyone from Autonomia without a police escort.

Last night, Autonomia provided with a statement via email:


Autonomia is a radical space committed to autonomous principles and building relationships with the broader community. We are dedicated to creating conciliatory relationships with our immediate neighbors and strengthening existing community ties.

As an anti-authoritarian space that supports local struggles, we expect that at times we may be in political conflict with some of our neighbors. We sincerely hope that any potential conflicts will be resolved promptly so we can continue our efforts to create positive change.