Rick’s Strip Club Sells For $2.35 Million

SPD will likely has a big check from the feds coming after Rick’s strip club sold for a hefty $2.35 million at auction yesterday afternoon.

Rick’s was the target of a long-running joint federal/SPD racketeering investigation, which led to convictions for the club’s former owners, the Colacurcios, who forfeited the property.

The $2.35 million made from the sale of Rick’s—as well as the $600,000 for the Colacurcio’s office space, Talents West—will go into the state’s asset forfeiture fund, and will be split amongst agency who participated in the investigation. SPD will likely receive the bulk of the money.

The feds haven’t disclosed who purchased for the Rick’s property—near 115th and Lake City—and it will take about a month for property sale records to become public.

Two other strip club owners were looking to open new clubs at the Rick’s site. We’ll see what happens.