The Morning Blotter: Victim Robbed In Arboretum By Man He Thought Was A Cop

A man robbed in the Arboretum last week told police he thought the man who stole his wallet was a police officer.

According to a police report, the victim told officers he was walking through the Arboretum around 5:15 p.m. on June 27th, “because he was curious about nudity and cruising activities that he had read about in a local paper.”

The man walked down a trail through the Arboretum until he encountered a man sitting in the park.

The victim started talking to the man, when a second man came out of the bushes and told the victim to put his hands up.

The victim believed the second man “was a police officer by the way he behaved.”

The victim told told police the suspect spoke to the other man in the park, and said he’d previously warning the man to leave the Arboretum. The suspect also warned the victim about hanging out with ‘someone like him,’ the report says.

The suspect—who was wearing a red sweatshirt, jeans and yellow construction boots, and was carrying a walkie talkie, according to the report—frisked the victim and went through his pockets,

The suspect then asked for the victim for his ID, and the victim said he had it in his car.

The suspect then told the victim to go get his ID, and followed the victim to his car.

As the victim unlocked his vehicle, the suspect ordered him to stand back and sit on the curb.

The suspect got into victim’s car, took his wallet, pulled out the man’s ID and spoke into his walkie talkie. The report says the suspect never actually identified himself as a police officer.

The suspect handed the victim back his wallet, took photos of the victim and his vehicle, and warned him to stay out of the park.

The victim later found cash and credit cards missing from his wallet, and found his card has been used for several purchases.

The victim contacted police, and it appears park security are reviewing whether the suspect was caught on video in the park.