The Morning Blotter: Man Pelted With Rocks At Golden Gardens

Police searched Golden Gardens Friday night for a suspect or suspects who pelted a man with rocks as he drove through the park. 

The victim told police he was driving past the Golden Gardens dog park around 10:15 p.m. on July 1st when he heard something hit the side of his vehicle. Moments later, he was hit in the face by a rock.

The man pulled over and immediately called 911.

A police report says the man’s rear driver-side door was dented in the incident, but he was not injured.

The victim told police he “did not see the suspect(s) that threw the rocks at moving traffic,” but believed they were thrown from a wooded area near the dog park.

Police checked the woods around the dog park but weren’t able to find any suspects.

This wasn’t the first time police were called to Golden Gardens last Friday. An hour before the driver was hit with rocks, a teenage boy was stabbed in the stomach during a fight in the park.