The Morning Blotter: Woman Shot In Face With Fireworks On 4th of July

A woman was taken to the hospital on the fourth of July after an intoxicated man shot her in the face with fireworks.

Around 11:30 p.m., the woman was at a house party near Eastlake Ave and E Hamlin St watching the fireworks on Lake Union.

After the fireworks show at Gasworks ended, the woman left the house and walked through a crowded alley near the home.

In the alley, a very intoxicated man began shooting fireworks into a crowd of about 40-50 people, a police report says.

The man fired four volleys of fireworks from a tube, which struck the female victim in the face.

The suspect apologized and the suspect’s girlfriend drove the victim to a hospital.

The victim called police, but the suspect and his girlfriend had left the hospital by the time officers arrived.

The victim told police she does not want the suspect charged, but wants him to pay her medical bills.

Police obtained surveillance video of the suspect and went to the location where the woman was injured, but were unable to find the man.