The Morning Blotter: Man Tells Police He’s On the Crack Diet

Trying to shed those unsightly pounds for summer? You say you’ve tried Atkins, raw food, and the South Beach Diet without results? But have you tried Crack?

According to a police report, Officer Rob Howard was watching a Seattle Housing Authority building on 110th and 8th Ave NE around 4:45 p.m. on July 11th, when he saw two men make a drug deal.

One man walked up to a car, got inside, sat there for several minutes, and then walked back into the SHA building.

Officer Howard contacted the man and asked him whether he had just purchased drugs.

According to Officer Howard’s report, the man “turned over…two small pieces of suspected [rock] cocaine,” Officer Howard wrote in his report. “He said that he traded marijuana for it. He said that he rarely does cocaine, but had decided to switch to it because he was gaining too much weight on marijuana.”

Officer Howard then seized the man’s cocaine, but did not arrest him.