Tim Burgess Tags In to The Village Voice/Seattle Weekly Child Prostitution Royal Rumble

Add Councilmember Tim Burgess to the growing list of people who’ve put the Village Voice Media/the Seattle Weekly on blast for making money off juvenile prostitution. 

From Burgess’s City View blog:

Village Voice Media/BackPage.com can try to minimize the problem if they want, but we know the facts.  Mayor McGinn knows the facts.  My Council colleagues know the facts.  The detectives who work in our High Risk Victims Unit know the facts.  I know the facts. City government is united and resolute.  We will act to protect our children and we will speak the truth about those who assist and facilitate harm upon our children. The facts compell this reponse.

Village Voice Media/Backpage.com knows the facts, too!  

Everyone can see the facts because they are held in the case files in the King County Superior Court.  They are clear and irrefutable. In case after case over the past three years, Dan Satterberg’s prosecutors have established that Village Voice Media/Backpage.com is used to assist and facilitate the commercial sexual exploitation of children. 

It doesn’t have to continue. Village Voice Media/Backpage.com could chose to follow the very simple steps that other publishers follow that would make it almost impossible for this exploitation of children to take place.  Their corporate irresponsibility is harming our community; it’s harming our children.  That’s a fact.

You can read the rest here.