Burglar Cuts Hole In The Wall of Pot Dispensary, Runs From Cops

A burglar led police on a brief foot chase through North Seattle last week after officers caught him breaking into a medical marijuana dispensary.

Around 7:00 AM on July 14th, an ADT Security operator called police and said an alarm had been tripped at a marijuana dispensary on 130th and Linden.

Police arrived and found the business’s front glass doorway shattered and “observed a hole, large enough for a person to crawl through…cut in the sheet rock wall of the main room,” a report says.

Officers began clearing the building and heard noises coming from a back office which, the report says, had been “ransacked.” Police then spotted a suspect quickly walking out of the building, carrying a black backpack.

Police ordered the man to stop, but he took off running down 130th, where he hopped a fence.

Officers followed the man to a parking lot, where the suspect climbed several ten-foot barbed wire fences as he tried to flee.

Police eventually caught up to the man at 125th and Aurora and recovered his backpack, which contained gloves and power tools and hand tools commonly used by burglars.”

Police also seized the man’s bicycle, which he left at the scene, and found .4 grams of cocaine and a crack pipe in his pockets.

The man was arrested and booked for the burglary.