The Morning Blotter: Man Tased, Robbed In South Seattle

A group of robbery suspects Tasered a man who refused to give them a dollar last week, according to police.

Just before midnight on July 12th, the victim was on his way to a store and was walking near 10th Ave S and S Thistle when three men approached him and asked him for a dollar.

When the man declined to give the suspects any money, one of the suspects in the group tried to grab money out of the victm’s pocket.

When the victim tried to get away, one suspect Tasered the man, before all three suspects fled the scene in different directions.

The victim walked home a short time later and called police.

The victim gave police a possible name for one of the suspects, but officers weren’t able to locate any of the men near the scene.

Nothing was taken in the robbery, but the victim did sustain some nasty injuries. The report for the incident says he had a burn on the left side of his stomach, which was “already bruising [and] turning a dark color all around the burn,” when officers met with the man following the incident.