The Morning Blotter: Shots Fired Following Dispute On Capitol Hill

A gunman fired off a half-dozen rounds at a woman and her friend on Capitol Hill last weekend following a late-night dispute.

According to police, the woman was sitting in her car with a friend on 10th and Pike around 3:00 am on July 16th, when she heard something hit her vehicle and saw that a temporary no parking sign had been pushed into her car, causing a scratch.

The woman confronted several men who were standing around a silver Toyota Tacoma parked next to her, and asked them who had pushed the sign into her car.

None of the men would admit to damaging the woman’s vehicle, and the exchange between the woman and the group of men became heated. The woman kicked off her shoes, and was then grabbed by oone of the suspects.

One of the men then reached inside the door of the Toyota truck and pulled out a handgun, and pointed it at the victim.

The victim’s friend got in between her and the armed suspect, and pulled her away.

As the woman and her friend ran from the suspects, they heard several shots.

The truck sped off before police arrived, but a witness was able to give police a partial license plate number for the suspect’s vehicle.

Officers found six bullet holes in the victim’s vehicle, and recovered bullet casings and one round from the pavement.

The woman sustained injuries to her back and hand during the incident, and told police she believed she was injured during the altercation with the men.