The Morning Blotter: Man Fights Off Teen Robbers In South Seattle

A South Seattle man fought off two teenage robbers at his home last week.

Around 2:45 p.m. on July 22nd, the man was standing in front of his home on Rainier Ave S and S Findlay when two teenagers walked up to him, said their car had broken down, and asked for some water.

The man walked to a faucet outside his home and filled up a small container with water, and walked back to where the teens were.

When the man tried to hand the water to the two teens, they surrounded him and jumped him.

One of the teens grabbed the man’s old necklace, but the man fought back, hitting the teenage boys.

The man fought them off and the teens fled empty handed.

When officers arrived at the man’s home, he said he sustained a few scrapes, but was otherwise OK.

Police told the man to keep an eye out for the teens, and to call 911 if he saw them again.