Woman Maced In Her Home By Intruder

A woman was maced after she awoke to find an intruder in her home on 46th Ave S and S Orchard last week.

The woman told police she was sleeping in her bedroom on July 22nd when she heard a noise in the hallway.

The woman got up and walked out of her bedroom, where she found another woman standing in the hall.

The intruder sprayed the victim with Mace or another chemical spray, and screamed at her.

It appears the victim may have some connection to the suspect. After the attack, the victim found that her front door was locked—indicating the suspect may have a key to the home—and told police she believes the suspect may be a woman who has bee harassing her for “some time,” a police report says.

The woman told police she wasn’t able to make out what the suspect had said to her in the attack.