The Morning Blotter: Muggers Follow Man On Chief Sealth Trail, Beat and Rob Him

A group of muggers chased a man down the Chief Sealth trail on Beacon Hill, robbed him, and beat him last week.

Around 11:00 pm on July 31st, the male victim got off a bus at Beacon Ave S and S Dawson and walked down the Chief Sealth trail toward his home.

On the path, he passed four male suspects ducking behind some bushes.

As he passed them, two of the suspects began following him.

When the victim reached the end of the trail, he took off running but the suspects chased him down near the 17th Ave S and S Shelton and hit him on the head, knocking him unconscious.

When the victim came to, he was bleeding from his head, his ribs were sore, and his wallet, keys, and cell phone were missing.

The victim went home where his family reported the incident to police.

The victim was laster taken to the hospital with head and rib injuries.