Seattle Weekly: Proudly Defending Their Right To Profit From Child Rape Since 2011

After Mayor Mike McGinn told their proposal to fix problems with juvenile prostitution on their site didn’t pass the sniff test on Friday, the Weekly issued a lengthy screed (990 words to be exact) saying Weekly staff will have “no more meetings with Mayor Mike McGinn” to discuss’s problems with juvenile sex trafficking.

In their post yesterday, the Weekly also accused the mayor of “seiz[ing] upon the tragedy of underage prostitution to try and boost his anemic approval rating,” which is nothing at all like, say, seizing upon the profitability of underage prostitution to try and boost anemic newspaper profit margins.

So how’d Mayor McGinn respond?

“I have a message for Mike Seely and the Weekly. I don’t care how much ink they buy. Stopping underage sex trafficking is more important than their profits.”

Boom! Roasted.

Anyways, to review: the Weekly’s mad that Mayor McGinn doesn’t think is doing enough to stop juvenile sex trafficking on the site , and now they’re going to give him the silent treatment. 

Good luck with that, guys.