The Morning Blotter: Police Investigating Paint Ball, BB Gun Shootings Downtown

One man was shot in the chest with a BB gun and another was targeted with paintballs in two separate shootings in downtown Seattle last weekend.

The first victim was standing at a bus stop at 3rd and Union just before 11:00 am on August 6th, when he felt something hit him in the chest.

The victim found he’d been shot with a BB pellet, which had punctured his shirt and his skin.

The victim told police he was looking at his phone and didn’t see the a car or bus go by during the shooting.

A few hours later, around 2 p.m., another man reported that a passenger in a black Chevy Suburban with California plates had opened fire on him with a paintball gun near 3rd and James.

The victim told officers he heard three shots whizz by his head, and saw a male passenger pulling a gun back inside the vehicle before it headed onto northbound I-5.

Police recovered several exploded paint ball skins from the ground at the scene.