The Morning Blotter: Man Says He Was Mini-Bikejacked In Greenwood

A man’s mini-bike ride thorugh Greenwood was cut short last week when a driver forced him off the rode, shoved him off his bike, and rode off on it.

The victim was riding his mini-bike on 1st Ave NW near NW 112th St just before 5:00 p.m. on August 7th, when the driver pulled up close behind him on the street.

The victim pulled his bike over, and the suspect got out of his car and asked the man if he could ride his mini-bike.

When the victim refused to let the suspect ride his bike, the suspect shoved him off the bike, jumped on it, and rode off.

Someone else in the suspect’s car took the wheel and drove off after the mini-bike.

The victim told police he last saw them headed toward 3rd Ave NW.