Police Investigating Port Orchard Woman For Crash That Killed Cyclist In South Lake Union

SPD detectives are investigating a Port Orchard woman in connection with a hit-and run collision in South Lake Union last month, which left a cyclist dead.

Fourty-four year old Michael Wang was riding down Dexter near Thomas on July 28th when he was struck by a driver in a brown or beige SUV, who fled the scene.

Police records say Wang sustained “traumatic chest injuries” and died at Harborview.

According to a search warrant affidavit filed earlier this month, about a week after the accident police received a tip from a woman in Port Orchard, who said she’d been watching a news report on the fatal crash with her 31-year-old neighbor–who had been drinking–who told her “my friend hit that guy.”

Several days later, the 31-year-old woman asked the tipster if she’d said anything “inappropriate” to her while they’d been watching TV. 

The tipster told police her neighbor had recently been driving a brown Chevy Suburban.

Detectives went to Port Orchard and interviewed the 31-year-old woman, who told police the Suburban–which police records indicate was actually silver–belonged to another man, but that she had been driving it the last two weeks. The woman denied knowing anything about the hit and run.

Police examined the Suburban, which did not appear to be damaged. However, a search warrant affidavit notes, “due to the nature of the collision…the damage to the hit and run vehicle could be slight or not visible.”

Police would not call the woman a suspect or person of interest in the case, but say she is under investigation. Detectives are asking that anyone with additional information about the collision call Detective Tom Bacon at 684-8932.