The Morning Blotter: Wanted Men Found Passed Out In Car With Gun In New Holly

Police arrested two men and seized a loaded handgun after a security guard found a group of men passed out in a car in Holly Park New Holly.

Around 11:00 p.m. on August 16th, a security guard called police about an armed man sitting in a car on Holly Park Dr S near S 34th Place.

The guard had had pulled up to the car and found three men sleeping inside.

The guard then noticed the driver had a Glock handgun sitting in his lap.

The guard removed the gun from the car—apparently without waking any of the men—and took them in to custody, handcuffing them before police arrived.

Police discovered two of the men in the car had warrants—the report doesn’t say what the men were wanted for—and arrested them.

Police seized the gun and booked the two men with warrants into the King County Jail.