What To Do About Inappropriate Vespa Touching

Hey, guys! Reader question!

From Twitterer :

The joys of on-street parking! Owner of car moves our Vespa to sidewalk to take our spot. What can we do?

According to SPD spokesman Sean Whitcomb, “this falls under the rule of don’t touch someone else’s gear.”

“If you’re a Vespa owner or a bike owner and someone is touching your stuff and they don’t have permission to we recommend calling 911,” Whitcomb says. “You wouldn’t take someone’s car and move it, so people shouldn’t be picking up other people’s scooter.”

Whitcomb says in order for police to do anything about fiendish Vespa-movers, you’ll need to actually catch them in the act. “You really have to see someone doing it,” he says. “Even if it’s the same car [showing up in your spot] every day.”

The good news: If you do catch someone moving your Vespa, they could end up with a hefty ticket.

So sayeth the Seattle Municipal Code:

A. Except as provided in SMC Chapter 11.30, no person shall move a motor vehicle not lawfully under his or her control when the motor vehicle is occupying a parking stall or space on City property.

B. No person shall move a vehicle not lawfully under his or her control into any area where stopping, standing or parking is prohibited or restricted.

Whitcomb says Vespa-moving comes with a whopping $277 fine.

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