The Morning Blotter: The Cat Burglar

A Ballard resident told police he was burglarized last week just after a suspicious woman and her cat appeared in the front yard of his home.

The man told officers he spotted a woman standing in front of his house on 6th NW and NW 52nd around 3:40 p.m., and went out to talk to her.

He hadn’t seen the woman in he neighborhood before and thought she might be casing houses, so he asked her what she was doing.

The woman said she’d been chasing her cat, which she was holding in her arms.

A short time later, the man went out for dinner for a few hours and returned home to find he’d been burglarized.

The man’s bedroom window was open and front door was unlocked. Someone had rifled through a desk in the house, and knocked over an iPod.

The report says the burglar(s) took $150 in cash, and four silver dollar coins worth about $60 each.

Police were able to lift fingerprints off the iPod. The report doesn’t say whether officers found any paw prints at the scene.