4-12 Might Have Been Overly Generous

After yesterday’s game, my semi-serious assertion that the Seahawks would go 4-12 this season might’ve been overly generous.

In case you missed it, the PittsburghSteelers shut out the Hawks 24-0 Sunday. Ugh.

We also found out our big free agency acquisition, Sidney Rice, has a torn labrum (the thing that makes your arm not fall off). This is not great news.

Bonus Weeekend Bitterness: Watching Matt Hasselbeck not embarrass himself as he completed pass after pass to Kenny Britt in the Titans’ win over the Ravens. (Though I won’t go so far as to argue we should’ve kept that old sack of bones around at $9 million a year).

Now, as to that 4-12 prediction (which I’m backing up with emoticons), take a look at this schedule and ask yourself how many of these games—given the current state of the team—are actually winnable:

Week One: 49ers 🙁

Week Two: Steelers 🙁

Week Three: Cardinals 🙁

Week Four: Falcons 🙁

Week Five: NY Giants 🙁


Week Seven: Browns 🙂

Week Eight: Bengals 🙂

Week Nine: Cowboys 🙁

Week Ten: Rams 🙁

Week Eleven: Redskins 🙂  (maybe)

Week Twelve: Eagles :’-(

Week Thirteen: Rams 🙁

Week Fourteen: Bears 🙁

Week Fifteen: 49ers 🙂

Week Sixteen: Cardinals 🙁

Now, in all fairness, the NFC West is still kind of a shit show, so we could be in for a couple more wins than I’ve guesstimated. The 49ers don’t really have a quarterback and Frank Gore has been known to dislocate various body parts, the Rams are still a question mark (we’ll see how they fare against the Giants tonight), as are the Cardinals, who’ve been atrocious on defense and okayish on offense in the two games they’ve played so far.

And, again, it’s still early in the season, so it’s possible I’m just a reactionary crazy person.

Anyways, in fantasy football news, two of my best players—Mike Vick and Desean Jackson—got banged up this weekend. I’m also only up by four points with no one to go, while my opponent has the Giants D and Mario Manningham going tonight. Double ugh.

But I’m still better off than anyone who drafted Jamaal Charles‘ shredded ACL.